A radio intercom system
The watchdog is a radio intercom system. It is used as a self-help neighbourhood watch system. A max of 40 houses ( flats, caravans, tents etc ) can be on one group. By pushing the ( only ) knob ( or remote control ), you transmit your ID number to all the other sets in your group. They will hear a sirene , which will be switched off by the same knob. The display will show the ID number of the distress person. The sets are now two way radios and they can communicate for 2 minutes. It has a back-up battery , so the system will always work. stock position : South Africa only. The watchdog can also be used between a max of 4000 units and a control room, but it is called Grizzly now. This unit can be an early warning systems for fire, floods etc. plus old age homes, caravan parks etc. stock position : South Africa.
Manufacturer: Syncro SA
$185.00 incl. GST

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